Erdem Taşdelen


The Conduit

Handwriting samples and analysis reports in vitrine (21 sheets)
Vitrine dimensions variable

The Conduit is an experiment that involves correspondence between Taşdelen and two professional graphologists to explore the possibilities and limits of handwriting analysis. The work consists of a series of original letters documenting a two-step process, in which Taşdelen begins by requesting handwritten reports on his handwriting from the two graphologists. Once received, these analysts' reports are then forwarded to each other, and they are asked to analyze one another's handwriting. By asking the analysts to temporarily step outside of their positions of authority, the resulting work points to their subjective involvement in the course of analysis and transfers their positions of power to the viewer.

Please click here to view a PDF of transcriptions of the letters.

Installation views:
Far Away So Close: Part I, Access Gallery, Vancouver, 2014. Photos by Dennis Ha.

Things Behind the Sun, Galeri NON, Istanbul, 2013. Photos by Çağlar Kanzık.