Erdem Taşdelen

The Dutch Handedness Questionnaire

17 drawings with graphite on archival paper
35.5 cm x 35.5 cm (14" x 14") each

Although traditionally writing is the privileged activity in gauging handedness, a variety of activities are taken into consideration by psychologists and neuroscientists. In this series of instructional drawings, 16 tasks that are highlighted in Jan W. Van Strien’s 1988 Dutch Handedness Questionnaire are depicted, all of which are drawn here as being performed by the left hand. Being a right-hander myself, I have clumsily made these drawings with my left hand as well as I could, as a gesture that repeats what many left-handers have had to do in reverse.

Installation view, A Petition of the Left Hand, Galeri NON, Istanbul, 2014