Erdem Taşdelen


Postures in Protest (Jim Deva Plaza)

Public artwork with 6 double-sided lightbox signs
24" x 36" x 6" (61 x 91.5 x 15.2 cm) each

Situated at the Jim Deva Plaza in Vancouver's West End, Postures in Protest is a series of six double-sided lightbox signs that comprise an assemblage of adverbs describing how individuals stage protests in popular uprisings. As modifiers of verbs, these adverbs indicate how specific actions transpire and point to the fortitude of those involved in making human rights a prominent concern in the public realm.

Installed at a public site dedicated to the late Jim Deva, a vocal community activist and founder of Vancouver's queer bookstore Little Sister's Book & Art Emporium, the piece honours the activist’s advocacy for LGBTQ2+ rights and his battle against censorship, as well as celebrating a long lineage of queer individuals who have fought for recognition. It is also intended to encourage a sense of pride in those who are fighting against the social inequalities that still persist today.

This project was commissioned by Vancouver's West End Business Improvement Association in conjunction with Lumière Festival 2016, and curated by Burrard Arts Foundation.

All photos by Dennis Ha.