Erdem Taşdelen

A Left-handed Lunch

Parallel to the exhibition A Petition of the Left Hand at Galeri NON, I hosted a lunch at the Lale Restaurant in Istanbul on September 26, 2014. At this performative event attended by around 100 people, I requested that everyone eat with their left hand. Many cultures around the world prohibit the use of the left hand for eating, since it is understood to be reserved for 'dirty' actions. Those who are not forced to eat with their right hands face other problems – many left-handers will complain that it is difficult for them to eat at the same table as right-handers, as their elbows will often bump into their neighbours. This lunch was designed specifically for the comfort of left-handed guests, since they would be using their preferred hand for eating, whereas everyone else would have to awkwardly do what many left-handers have been forced to do in reverse.

No photographs were taken during this event, as I didn't want to make my guests more self-conscious than they would already be as a result of this unusual request.