Erdem Taşdelen


Inkjet and ink on copy paper (24 letters, 47 pages)
21 x 28 cm (8,5"x11") each, installation size variable

The letters in this project speak to a number of personal romantic events between two people, but are written generically and anonymously. Although at first sight they may seem to be a correspondence, a quick reading reveals that they are actually all written by the same individual. The author has written these letters only to obsessively edit and correct them, in a hopeless attempt to effectively communicate with and understand the anonymous “Dear” that the letters are all addressed to. Since there is never a letter perfect enough to be sent, this activity is a failure in communicating with the Other. Instead, writing is seen as engaging in self-reflexivity, where the process of writing the letters is an inward gaze for the writer.

Below are three of the twenty-four letters.

CLICK HERE to download a low-res PDF containing all the letters.




Installation view, Hot Spot Istanbul, Hauskonstruktiv, Zurich, 2013. Photos by Stefan Altenburger.

Installation view, Dear, Walter C. Koerner Library at the University of British Columbia (as part of Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery's
Art in the Library program), Vancouver, 2015.