Erdem Taşdelen



Artist book (98 pages, edition of 100, published by 221A)
ISBN: 978-0-9865732-3-1
12.7 x 17.9 cm (5" x 7")

This artist book comprises 47 concise anecdotes, written over the span of a number of years leading up to its publication. Each of these anecdotes describes a situation where I become aware of my queerness as a result of an interaction I have with another person. Viewed together, the collection provides an intimate look into how I position myself as a queer individual, and serves to remind that one is only queer in relation to others.

This work was originally designed to be experienced as a publication, but has since been displayed in exhibitions in the form of a wall installation as well. Please scroll down to view installation images.

Installation view: House of Wisdom, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, 2018. Photo by Jules Lister.

Installation view: Future Queer, Ark Kültür, Istanbul, 2015. Photo by Chroma.

Installation view: House of Wisdom, Framer Framed, Amsterdam, 2017. Photo by Marlise Steeman.